Emma is a molecular ecologist who uses genetic techniques and demographic models to answer questions on natural populations. The focus of her current Rutherford postdoctoral research is how we can use advanced genomics tools to enhance our understanding of population abundance and connectivity.

Emma completed her PhD in Molecular Ecology at the University of Auckland and was supervised by Prof. Scott Baker, Assoc. Prof. Rachel Fewster and Dr Shane Lavery. After 5 years of post-doc time at the Univerrsity of St Andrews, funded by a Newton Fellowhip and Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowship, she has be awarded a prestigsous 5 year Rutherford Post-Doctoral Fellowship to return to New Zealand.


Southern right whale at the Auckland Islands. Credit: Auckland Islands Team 2009.

e. e.carroll@auckland.ac.nz

w. http://emmacarrollphd.wordpress.com

Post-Doctoral Fellow