News: Leena Riekkola (PhD student) and Rochelle are off to the Kermadec Islands – Rangitahua to continue our work on the humpback whales. You can follow the multi-disciplinary voyage through the Auckland Museum blog site:

Check out this awesome video made by Steve Hathaway (93 Percent) from our 2015 voyage to Raoul Island ‘The Great Humpback Whale Trail’

We are about to submit our final report on the Maui dolphin population – 2015-2016 abundance estimate. Will post the link once it’s all done.

We have a new MSc student – Jacqui Tizard working with Dr Craig Millar on the genetics and movement of the Chatham Island taiko – a most endangered species of seabird.

You can still find us on Twitter @MME_UoA where we will post on things of interest.


Our Research:

Our research group has a broad range of research interests in cetacean behaviour, ecology and conservation. We use a variety of approaches to answer questions about the movement patterns, habitat use, molecular ecology, population size, relatedness and responses to anthropogenic disturbance of several species of whales and dolphins. Increasingly we are working on other megafauna such as seabirds and sharks. By using a variety of research methods and collaborations with other scientists, we have improved the understanding of several poorly studied species.

Our current research projects include Bryde’s whales, Maui dolphins, humpback whales and all the big things in the Hauraki Gulf. We curate the New Zealand Cetacean Tissue Archive (NZCeTA), one of the world’s largest collections of whale and dolphin tissue samples.


Dr Rochelle Constantine

Director, Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences & Institute of Marine Science
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