We are interested in the temporal and spatial distribution of marine mammals in Admiralty Bay, Marlborough Sounds, especially outside the well studied winter months (see Prof. Bernd Würsig’s Texas A&M University research). In collaboration with Dr Deanna Clement (Cawthron Institute), Katie Halliday is continuing on from her recently completed MSc conducting land-based theodolite surveys, backed up by boat-based surveys to understand how different species (in particular dusky, bottlenose, common dolphins and NZ fur seals) utilise the Bay. This work is part of a three-year study funded by the Admiralty Bay Consortium, on how mussel farms may affect marine mammal habitat use.

Post-graduate research:

Completed Feb 2013: Katie Halliday  (MSc; Conservation Management; Victoria University) – MSc (1st Class Hons).
Co-supervisor Dr Deanna Clement (Cawthron Institute)